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Sparks (she/her)  is a Discord bot that helps you play indie TRPGs! Sparks can currently process rolls for Powered by the Apocalypse, Forged in the Dark, and Sparked by Resistance games. Add her to your Discord server by clicking on this link.

For the technically-minded: Sparks is currently written in Rust; her code can be found here. Her icon is by my friend Paz. Thanks to River Ray for adding Wild Words support to the previous version of Sparks; the Rust port was adapted from her work.


Sparks' dice-rolling commands are all subcommands of /roll. For example, /roll sbr fallout rolls a Sparked by Resistance fallout test. Her full list of commands is as follows:

  • /roll sbr check: rolls a Sparked by Resistance check. Requires the number of d10s to toll.
  • /roll sbr fallout: rolls a Sparked by Resistance fallout test.
  • /roll forged: rolls a Forged in the Dark roll. Requires both the number of d6s to roll and the type of roll.
  • /roll pbta: rolls a Powered by the Apocalypse move. Requires the stat, including any bonuses to the roll (i.e. +1 forwards/ongoings, move-related bonuses, etc.)
  • /roll wild: rolls a Wild Words roll. Requires both the number of d6s to roll and the type of roll, and optionally the number of dice to cut.
  • /roll custom: rolls any number of dice with any number of sides. Requires the number of dice and the number of sides per die (all dice will be rolled with the same number of sides.)
  • /buzz: Sparks will reply with "Zap!"
  • /flicker: Sparks will reply with "Hummmmmmmmmm...", like the sound of a flickering fluorescent light.
  • /sparks-help: Sparks will reproduce these instructions.

If you encounter a bug while using Sparks, feel free to report it in the comments!

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My game group is loving the bot so far! However, bug report: we just rolled an 11 on a 1d10 sbr check? The person rolling had to try twice and got a "This application did not respond" the first time, which may have been related or may not.


This was, in fact, purely the result of me accidentally telling Sparks to roll a d12 for these instead of a d10; that has been fixed as of posting this comment, so you should be good to go. I'm unsure about how the "did not respond" error came to be; it's possible it might just be an error on the host's end. Please let me know if it continues to be an issue, or if you find specific conditions that can reproduce it!

Thank you so much! It looks like the "did not respond" error happens consistently when we try to roll a pool of 0 dice.


Thanks so much! This has now been fixed as well. As a heads up, Sparks currently responds with a somewhat generic message for 0d SbR rolls because the various SbR systems are somewhat inconsistent about how they deal with such things; this might be patched in a future update if the scene settles on something concrete.

I'm very excited about this bot. However, I'm not able to find a command list. Is one available somewhere?

The /help command will give you one if you've invited her to your server, but I'll also copy that text to this page; thanks for the reminder!